Luigi Disperati


Name: Luigi Disperati
Date and place of birth:  9th July 1941 in Pescia (PT)  Italy
Studies: Degree in ECONOMY & COMMERCE, University of Florence
Date of employment: 1st September 1966 in Alitalia, Italy,s World Arlines
Last level: Director  Planning & Control Alliances

Positions in Alitalia: OVERSEAS RESIDENCE

01.09.66 till 1968 Vice Administrative Manager Germany in Frankfurt am Main
01.03.68 Administrative Manager Genova – Area LIGURIA
01.10.68 till 1973 Adm. Mngr Teheran for the countries: Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan
16.04.73 till 1977 Adm. Mngr Mumbay for the countries: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
01.05.77 Control Analyst in the Commercial area
01.12.78 Control Supervisor in the Commercial area
16.01.83 Controller Network
01.06.85 Controller Network & Marketing
01.12.89 Controller NIT Division, New Initiatives in Air Transport
01.12.92 Responsible for Methodology in Planning & Control
01.03.96 Controller Sales for International Markets
01.09.99 Planning & Control Marketing and Commercial Agreements.
01.11.99 till 30/09/02 Planning & Control Alliances .On request termination of Alitalia contract.
At present
2003 – 2014 Coordinator for Air Transport Economy in the “Master in Antitrust e regolazione del mercato” in the 2nd University of Rome Tor Vergata.Partner in CD Consulting.

Curriculum vitae